Suzuna Hiiragi
Kanji 柊鈴 菜
Romaji Hiiragi Suzuna
Race Human
Birth Date unknown
Age unknown
Gender Female
Eye Color Magenta pink
Hair Color grey
Personal Status
Affiliation Shorinsha
Occupation Editor
Status Alive
Anime Debut The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire
Japanese Voice Shizuka Itō

Suzuna Hiiragi (柊鈴菜 Hiiragi Suzuna) is Shinobu Akiyama's editor and works under Shorinsha, the "Deadly Sins Series"'s - a book series by Shinobu Akiyama - publisher.


Suzuna's Appearance

Suzuna's Appearance


Suzuna is known to be very masochistic and is highly unstable, and enjoys any sort of pain or mistreatement, especially from Kirihime. However despite this she is a very intelligent woman knowing her job very well.


==Relationships== Loves pain especially when it comes to being injured by her sensei, and has a perverted side to her and is glad to help her sensei out of her slump because of her dogs murder after being killed after trying to protect her in a café, writing her new book Lust, by pretending to be a criminal named the Slasher that attacks people on the street and plots a plan to blame her dog's own sister that is suspicious of being the slasher.


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