Madoka Harumi
Kanji 春海 円香
Romaji Harumi Madoka
Race Human
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color bright Strawberry blonde
Personal Status
Family Unnamed Parents
Kazuhito Harumi (brother)
Occupation high school student
Status Alive
Anime Debut Strike While the Dog is Hot
Japanese Voice Kana Asumi

Madoka Harumi (春海 円香 Harumi Madoka) is the sister of Kazuhito Harumi.


Madoka's Appearance

Madoka's Appearance


Madoka is a middle-schooler girl who is great at everything; studies, activities, sports, etc. A cheery teenage girl who loves to make curry for her brother and spend some of her time with him, she is protective of her brother and would do anything in the world to be with him. After hearing Kazuhito died during a robbery, she broke down into tears and became mentally unstable. Later on, she became obsessed with him, even going so far to search for him even though she knew he was long gone. Madoka blamed Akiyama Shinobu - her brother's favorite author - for taking her brother away from her. After a battle with Natsuno, she returned to her former self and returned to her home after saying goodbye to the now-dog Kazuhito and Natsuno.



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