Kazuhito Harumi
Harumi Kazuhito
Kanji 春海 和人
Romaji Harumi Kazuhito
Race Human*
Dachshund Dog*
Gender Male
Eye Color [human] unknown [dog] dark grey
Hair Color Brown and Black {As a dog} Black{As a human}
Personal Status
Affiliation Kirihime Natsuno
Family Unnamed Parents
Madoka Harumi (sister)
Occupation Middle school student {formally}
Status Alive*
Anime Debut Every Dog Has His Day
Japanese Voice Takahiro Sakurai

Kazuhito Harumi (春海 和人 Harumi Kazuhito) is the main male protagonist, and was a book-loving third year middle school student until he got killed by a robber gunman while protecting a young woman at a cafe. He was then reborn into his current form, a small dachshund dog. As a dog, Kazuhito is bought by a sadistic scissor-wielding woman named Kirihime Natsuno who tells him that she has the ability to read his thoughts. Soon, Kazuhito discovers that his new owner, Kirihime, is in fact Shinobu Akiyama - his favorite best-selling author, as well as the woman he risked his life to protect at the cafe.


Kazuhito's Appearance

Kazuhito's Appearance

Kazuhito appears as a small dachshund dog with a long body, notable small legs and large ears that hang down to his shoulder. His underbelly is covered in light brown fur while his back in covered in dark brown fur. The tip of his ears, tail and all four legs are covered in light brown fur. From his underbelly, the light brown fur continues up past his jaw and up to his nose. Kazuhito also has a small light brown furred ahoge (hair antenna) on the top of his head. He also has two light brown patches of fur above his circular, dark round shiny eyes, making them look like eyebrows.


Kazuhito as a human

Before being reborn, as a human, Kazuhito appeared as a young male with unkempt black hair that covered his eyes. To school, he wore a white formal shirt with a red tie around the collar and two black lines around the short-sleeves. Along with this, he wore formal brown trousers and dark brown shoes. Before getting killed in the cafe, he appeared to be wearing a blue t-shirt with a button collar and white-edged sleeves along with a short gray trouser.


Before turning into a dog, Kazuhito was polite and would get overly enthousiastic about books. He would get so enthousiastic about them he actually recommended his sister to read books and talk about it to her all day(only Akiyama -Shinobu books though). However, he could come off rude to people at times when they badmouth about books. As he would tell them a 2-hour long story about the history of books and what value they carry. Despite being a reader of many different kinds of books. He can be an airhead sometimes. As he does not notice that Natsuno has feelings for him. But he has a rather comical side of him as well. Where he would sometimes make jokes about Natsuno's "flat chest", much to the annoyance of her.




Kirihime NatsunoEdit

A girl with long black hair who has a passion for writing and best known as Akiyama Shinobu, she first met Kazuhito before he died while he protected her from a robber. Kazuhito describes her as a "sadistic-flat chested" girl. After Kazuhito turned into a dog, she bought him from a pet store and told him she could read his mind. Although, he is frightened by her presence, he would later came to understand what kind of person she actually is. Despite showing Kazuhito a more scary side of her, she actually loves him. Evidence was shown she would even go so far to risk her life in front off a car traffic to save him, as well as getting overly jealous when seeing him with other women or feeling uncomfortable when he gets closer to her. Despite all this, Kazuhito doesn't notice she has a crush on him.

Madoka HarumiEdit

She is Kazuhito's sister. A cheery teenage girl who loves to make curry for her brother and spend some of her time with him, she is protective of her brother and would do anything in the world to be with him. After hearing Kazuhito died during a robbery, she broke down into tears and became mentally unstable. Later on, she became obsessed with him, even going so far to search for him even though she knew he was long gone. Madoka blamed Akiyama Shinobu - his brother's favorite author -for taking him brother away from her. After a battle with Natsuno, she returned to her former self and returned to her home after saying goodbye to the now-dog Kazuhito and Natsuno.


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