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Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō (犬とハサミは使いよう), also known by the abbreviation InuHasa (犬ハサ), and English title, Dog & Scissors, is an ongoing Japanese comedy light novel series written by Shunsuke Sarai (更伊俊介 Sarai Shinsuke) and illustrated by Tetsuhiro Nabeshima (鍋島テツヒロ Tetsuhiro nabeshima). It has been adapted into an ongoing manga by the same title that has been serialized by Shōnen Ace since May 26, 2012. A 12-episode anime adaptation directed by Yukio Takahashi (高橋幸雄 Takahashi Yukio) and produced by Gonzo premiered on AT-X on July 1, 2013.[1]


There's nothing in the world more enjoyable than reading for Harumi Kazuhito. He spends his days with his head buried in books. But one night when he was enjoying a good story in a café, a violent robber comes in and threatens the people inside. Kazuhito is not the hero type but something came over him and he tried to subdue the robber only to get killed. When he came to, he was reborn as a dog under the care of one of the customers who was in the café that night, Natsuno Kirihime. Through some kind of connection, Kirihime can hear Kazuhito’s thoughts as a dog. Unfortunately for Kazuhito, Kirihime has a bit of a sadistic personality and a thing for scissors.[1]



List of Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō episodes that have aired.

List of Episodes
Episode Number Titles Airdate
01 Every Dog Has His Day
Inu mo Arukeba bou ni Ataru
1st of July, 2013
02 Strike While the Dog is Hot
Inu wa Atsui Uchi ni Ute
8th of July, 2013
03 The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire
Tonde Hiniiru Fuyu no Inu
15th of July, 2013
04 Drowning Men Clutch at Dogs
Oboreru Mono wa Inu o mo Tsukamu
22nd of July, 2013
05 Nothing Ventured, No Dog Gained
Koketsuniirazunba inu o ezu
29th of July, 2013
06 Rain Settles the Dog
Amefuri tte inu katamaru
5th of August, 2013
07 The Dog Would Not Be Shot but for Its Cries
Inu mo nakazuba uta remai
12th of August, 2013
08 Dogs in Moderation
Yu ni hairite inu ni hairazare
19th of August, 2013
09 There Is No Smoke Without Dog
26th of August, 2013
10 Time Flies Like a Dog
2nd of September, 2013
11 A Dog by Chance Is Preordained
9th of September, 2013
12 Dogs and Scissors Require Good Handling
16th of September, 2013

Light NovelEdit


LN - Volume 1
Volume 1 Cover
LN - Volume 2
Volume 2 Cover
LN - Volume 3
Volume 3 Cover
LN - Volume 4
Volume 4 Cover
LN - Volume 5
Volume 5 Cover
LN - Volume 6
Volume 6 Cover
LN - Volume 7
Volume 7 Cover
List of Light Novel Volumes
Volume Release Date Code ISNB Size Pages Price
Volume 1 2011-02-28 978-4-04-727077-0 A6 328 ¥ 630
Volume 2 2011-04-30 978-4-04-727221-7 A6 328 ¥ 630
Volume 3 2011-08-29 978-4-04-727470-9 A6 360 ¥ 651
Volume 4 2012-02-29 978-4-04-727842-4 A6 360 ¥ 651
Volume 5 2012-06-30 978-4-04-728123-3 A6 328 ¥ 630
Volume 6 2013-01-30 978-4-04-728656-6 A6 328 ¥ 630
Volume 7 2013-06-29 978-4-04-728972-7 A6 328 ¥ 630

Volume Specials[2]Edit

LN - Volume 7 Special Edition
Volume 7 Special Edition Cover
LN - Dog Ears 1
Dog Ears 1 Cover
LN - Dog Ears 2
Dog Ears 2 Cover
LN - Dog Ears 3
Dog Ears 3 Cover
List of Light Novel Special Volumes
Volume Release Date Code ISNB Size Pages Accessory Price
Volume 7 Special Edition 2013-06-29 978-4-04-728973-4 A6 328 CD ¥ 1890
Dog Ears 1 2011-10-29 978-4-04-727584-3 A6 360 ¥ 651
Dog Ears 2 2012-09-29 978-4-04-728354-1 A6 360 ¥ 651
Dog Ears 3 2013-08-30 978-4-04-729093-8 A6 360 ¥ 651


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